Trade Opening
Mon-Fri: 08:00am - 17:00pm
Sat: Open By Appointment
Sun: Open By Appointment
Plant Centre Opening
Mon-Fri: 09:30am - 16.00pm
Sat: Open By Appointment
Sun: Open By Appointment

Plant Centre

The experience you’ll have at our plant centre is unlike the usual garden centres you'd visit...

Hills Plant & Garden Centre in Stokesley is now open to general public. You will be able to see and select from our huge range of plants including mature shrubs and trees to herbaceous plants. You’ll be buying directly from professional growers and nurserymen, who have each accumulated years of experience. We understand how plants behave and how to optimise their growing results.

Our range is more expansive than most, as well as our plant and shrubs being available in a wider range of sizes.

All of our:- trees, shrubs, hedging, seedlings, transplants, conifers, herbaceous plants, roses, climbing plants, fruit trees, heathers, grasses and bamboos are of the highest quality and we also grow mature sizes for an instant effect.

We aim to meet our customers’ requirements while being at your service offering professional advice and helpful tips from our team.

If you’ve got a special someone’s birthday coming up and you’re stuck for gift ideas - worry no more! We offer our own Hills Plant Centre gift cards, ranging from £5 to £250 and they are the perfect present for all garden lovers.

Delivery? No problem for either mature or smaller plants.

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