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Hill’s Maintenance Service aims to lighten the load for our customers. We want to eliminate some of the strain and assist you in keeping up with your routine gardening tasks, which help to keep your garden looking attractive, giving you more time to enjoy it.

Whether it’s pruning and mowing or taking advantage of our planting service when you’re limited on time, we are here to help support you with all your gardening needs.

We offer a wide-range of services & we have listed some of them below:

· Hedge trimming - pruning extra branches to keep your hedges in top-notch shape

· Lawn mowing - cleanly cutting the top grass layer to ensure a healthy & even growth

· Patio cleaning - removing dirt, grime and moss from fences, decking, slabs, and more

· Driveway cleaning - disposing of dead leaves, algae, and moss with a powerful water blast

· Bush and small trees trimming - making your garden more cheerful by basking it in sunlight

· Weeding – keeping your garden weed free through in a variety of ways.

· Leaf clearance - removing Autumn's motley carpet to help to maintain your garden's good health



We'll keep your garden in tip-top condition - giving you more time to enjoy it!

For just £49 you can get 2 hours of garden maintenance - which can also be split up into two 1 hour appointments per month.

This can include but is not limited to:

- Mowing
- Pruning
- Trimming
- Border care
- Weeding
- General tidy ups

Please enquire for all other services offered

For maintenance enquiries please email: