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Winter Gardening Advice

Winter is most definitely here and many of us may be looking at our gardens in dismay. Conditions have already been quite harsh this year so ensure you’re taking the necessary precautions to prevent avoidable damage. The New Year is the perfect time to complete any small garden jobs, have a clear out of any old or damaged items and also get your garden in tiptop shape for the new season!

Here are a couple of things you can do to prepare your garden for the new growing season, prevent harm to plants and wildlife and a couple of beautiful houseplants that thrive during winter.

Have a Tidy Up!

- Tighten or replace any ties, stakes or planks that may have come loose or have broken during windy conditions
- Get rid of any weeds, dead plants and broken pots. It is also a good time to stock up on any items you may need when Spring arrives
- Get your plant pots, trays and greenhouse in a great condition ready for a new season! Use a mild disinfectant to give them a once over and allow drying out for a few days before bringing in any plants
- Get organised and keep a list of any items or plants that you need to purchase or replace ahead of the busy seasons

Look out for…

- Debris or fallen leaves: Sweep away any leaves that have landed on the roof of your conservatory or greenhouse as pests harbour among piles of dirt, causing harm to your plants and wildlife!
- Waterlogging: After heavy rainfall your garden may become waterlogged. By poking a few holes in your lawn, using a garden fork, you will allow the water to drain through the mud and dry quicker.
- Built up snow: If we get more snow this winter, it may gather on your greenhouse roof. This will limit the amount of light your plants are getting, so grab a broom to push it off or sprinkle with warm water to gradually melt the ice.
- Pests: Animals like mice, squirrels, pigeons and even cats tend to seek shelter, breed or excrete in our gardens and this can be found all year round. However, now is a good time to have a look for any signs that they might have set up camp among your plants and gently move them on.
- Wildlife: Mowing your garden over winter? Be sure to keep a small area untouched to provide shelter for any wildlife as overgrown grass makes perfect shelter for hedgehogs and other small animals! 

Great Winter House Plants

Cacti  - They need very little water and next to no food during winter
Pansies - The perfect plant to add a splash of colour to your windows
Hyacinths - They grow best in a cool but bright part of the house

So that’s our guide to help you maintain your garden this winter. Another tip – use the January sales to look for the new garden items you may need later on because you may find them at hugely discounted prices!