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Hills helps Middlesbrough Council in 10,000 Trees Campaign - January 2020

Receiving an important financial boost from the Forestry Commission's Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF), Middlesbrough Council will be striving forward with their programme of tree planting in 2020.  Focusing initially on planting 1,200 trees across the town, the overall campaign aims to plant 10,000 trees overall in 15 locations around the region.

Support and Training from Hills

Hills Nursery will be supporting the campaign with the supply of trees from the Stokesley nursery, grown in the field by the fourth generation family-based company celebrating their centenary in 2020.   Before the campaign took off, the Council grounds team were invited to Hills Nursery for a planting refresher course.  The tree growers are working closely with the Council to manage the campaign orders, labelling and identification

The Importance of Tree Planting

Headlined by Mayor Andy Preston, the council's vision is to encourage community involvement and to raise the profile of the importance of tree planting, not only from an environmental perspective but from health, air quality, biodiversity and well-being angles.

The initiative will run over the next two years and the council will be supported with advice from Groundwork North East and Cumbria and the supply of trees by Hills.

The UTCF supports this and similar tree planting schemes across England's urban areas, whether it be street trees and avenues or community woodland areas.

“Trees are the lungs of our environment and they’re so, so important. Not only do they absorb CO2, but they help to enhance existing green areas and bring back lost open space." - Mayor Andy Preston
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