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Making the switch | Pot Recycling at Hills

We're making the switch: Recycling Pots

As we commit to making the switch to our new grey Modiform pots (read the full story here),  we have packed up our unusable black plastic pots and sent these off to a recycling company.  Rather than using these again and thus avoiding any cross-contamination for our newly potted stock, we have decided to draw the line under our single-use plastic pot usage.

Our first consignment of 14 pallets of black plastic pots has now left the nursery, off to the environmentally-friendly recycling company Aim To Recycle.  Potentially, the next time you see this plastic, it will be in its new life as a helpful widget!

Our new grey pots are firmly established as our go-to containers and our commitment to reducing landfill, reusing materials and recycling will continue throughout all of our nursery production processes.

Packing up the black pots and making the switch to grey:

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