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Looking ahead | Planting and planning for the future

Beyond 2020: Field planting ploughs onward

Hot on the heels of a busy potting and selling season, there's really no rest for a professional nursery team.  The field planting has begun in earnest this month.  Manually planting new stock for the future seasons' sales into UK landscapes is labour-intensive and requires diligence and accuracy.  The Hills team can be seen below planting out early flushes of Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel), a firm favourite and nursery staple, ideal for residential planting schemes - evergreen, fast-growing and hardy, all year round.

Worth the wait

Once planted, expect a healthy, steady growth rate with good husbandry, weeding and irrigation.  Then, in three years' time, these tiny laurel plants will reach 60-80cm - the ideal height specification and form for a landscaping scheme - and will give the region's planting projects a beautiful green wealth of foliage and availability over the forthcoming seasons.

Hills Production Team plant 2000 laurels for future landscapes:

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