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From cuttings to landscapes | The nursery stock journey

The best start in life: Viburnum Davidii

A regular in gardens and landscapes across Britain, Viburnum Davidii is a broadleaf evergreen shrub with thick leathery dark green oval leaves, ideal for a small spreading shrub option in most aspects. But that shrub you see in its full evergreen glory in its final planting place has already been through quite a journey at Hills - and one that creates a healthy, hardy and handsome evergreen plant, time after time.

At the cutting edge of nursery stock production

As with all our shrub production, the healthiest cuttings are selected, checking that they are disease-free and in the best condition for excellent growth results and ultimate plant success.  The leaves are clipped to reduce the total leaf area, ensuring light to the growing bud is not impeded and reducing the leaf surface area so that it loses less water through evaporation until the roots are established.

The cuttings are carefully placed in trays of 84 cells.  These are then taken and laid out in one of our production tunnels.   Four weeks on and they are beginning to root.

There are 6000 cuttings on their way to saleable stock in this run - but you won't see them again now until August 2021 when they will have reached their full saleable potential.

Early steps from propagation to growing stock:

Cuttings arrive...

A single cutting, ready for growing on

Off to the tunnel!

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