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Air-Pot Growing

Innovative, revolutionary and advanced – the Air-Pot growing technique used at A. Hill and Sons has allowed our North East based nursery to offer superb quality products with fantastic root structures, resulting in high success rates for our customers and their planting schemes.

The key component is the specially designed Air-Pot itself. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this container enhances the quality of the plants’ root systems. For every root pruned, many more new roots grow from behind, dramatically increasing the amount of root in the root ball. Continuous pruning eliminates root circling and results in a large number of active white-tipped roots developing, which promotes vigorous growth of the tree or shrub.

What are the benefits of our Air Pots?


o   Superb root structures

              Continuous pruning due to the design of the Air-Pot prevents root circling.


o   Can be planted at any time of year

The roots are not shocked meaning that plants are considerably less vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and can be planted all year round and will begin to grow almost immediately.


o   Environmentally Friendly

The pots are made from 100% recycled plastic.


o   Improved establishment resulting in higher success rates

Once planted on customer sites, our Air-Pot grown trees and shrubs rapidly establish a vibrant root system achieving a higher success rate.


o   Light and easy to handle

Environmentally friendly reduced peat compost is used for the growing medium, which makes our quality trees exceptionally light and easier to handle on site and in transit.